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The Pack App

Finding an item after a trip or move in a poorly labeled box can be frustrating and disastrous, but it doesn’t have to be! The Pack App is a free packing list organizer for a solo get away trip or for a group list. It is designed to keep track of the items you need to get for your adventure as well as when you unpack them up.

Create Packing Labels with unique QR codes, so you can easily see what items you packed in the box without ripping it open. Packing with a group of people couldn’t be easier, with clear color-coded indicators you can clearly tell which person is bringing what item. The Pack App can also be used for when you want to “Lone Wolf” it, too! Store your lists on the cloud, for multiple device access and never lose your precious items again.

Available for Apple iPhones, Android Devices and Amazon Kindle

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