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Victoria E. Johnson

Even before obtained her B.S. degree in Computer Science from the prestigious Montclair State University, Victoria has been creating innovative mobile applications. Through sheer determination and will power she has continued to develop apps while achieving a M.S. degree and dealing with health issues that required two surgical procedures.

In her free time Victoria works on her passion project, College Life Prep, and creating tools and content in the hopes of helping students navigate the struggles of college life.


Blue's Run

Help Blue the gold hearted Pitbull raise money for a college scholarship!

The Pack App

A free packing list organizer designed to keep track of the items you need for a solo or group trip.

College Life Prep

An app designed to help parents and students prepare for College Life by creating task reminders for one another.

The Mobie Game Challenge

Test your film knowledge by connecting actors and films through their careers and cast members in under 2 minutes!

Sound the Alarm

Startle the intruders away from your device with a blaring noise.

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